Mr. JIAO Jinpu, Chairman of Shanghai Gold Exchange, Attended LME Asia Week 2017, and Participated in the “Pricing Asia Gold” Panel Discussion

Date: 2017-05-10

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LME Asia Week 2017 was held in Hong Kong, China, from May 9th to May 10th (2017). With the theme of “Opportunities and Future Trends in Asian Commodity Markets”, LME Asia Week 2017 attracted over 600 industry leaders and market professionals from more than 30 countries and regions. 

Mr. JIAO Jinpu, Chairman of Shanghai Gold Exchange, attended LME Asia Week 2017, and participated in the “Pricing Asia Gold” panel discussion as a special guest. During the panel, Mr. JIAO discussed issues such as “New directions of the Asian gold market”, “The Asian opportunities” and “Physical and futures markets connect – Hong Kong and the world” with Mr. Haywood CHEUNG, President of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society, and other industry experts. 

When asked about the latest status of “Shanghai Gold”, Mr. JIAO pointed out that, as the world’s first RMB-denominated gold benchmark price, the launch of “Shanghai Gold” benefit in improving the global gold market pricing mechanism, effectively activating the Chinese gold market price discovery function and opening a new chapter in the globalization of the gold market pricing. Over the past year, “Shanghai Gold” continuously developed with the support of all parties (such as the successful launch of the Shanghai Gold Futures Contract at DGCX on April 9th, 2017), these provide risk management and innovation tolls for the market participants of the global gold market. Mr. JAIO then expressed that, in the future, Shanghai Gold Exchange will continue to use “Shanghai Gold” as the starting point to promote the main market, and to develop more derivate products based on “Shanghai Gold. Furthermore, to enhance the price discovery ability of the RMB gold market and to improve the market influence. 

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