Clarification on Inaccurate Media Reports

Date: 2017-02-21

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Recent media reports convey that, SGE’s designated supplier -- BoYuan Mining LLC (translation name) has involved in a loan fraud by using fake gold.
Shanghai Gold Exchange (“SGE”) hereby clarify that, BoYuan Mining LLC is not, and nor has it been, a member of SGE Standard Gold Ingots Delivery Refiner, SGE Standard Silver Ingots Delivery Refiner, or SGE Standard Gold Bar Delivery Refiner (Full list can be found as attached below). All of SGE’s certified delivery refiners are under strict authentication. And SGE has not been engaged in any media interviews based on this matter.
SGE advise relevant media to make corrections and clarifications on the inaccurate statements in such reports, to avoid further public confusions.

Thank you.

Shanghai Gold Exchange

February 21, 2017


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