Notification on Extending Trading Hours

Date: 2019-05-28

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All Members,

Shanghai Gold Exchange (“SGE”) intends to extend the trading hours, in order to further meet the market’s trading needs and improve the comprehensive service level of the market. From June 10th, 2019, SGE will increase the trading session of 11:30-13:30, that is, the trading sessions of the price matching market from Monday to Friday will be 9:00-15:30 (day trading session) and 20:00-2:30 of the next day (night trading session). The price asking market will also increase the trading session of 11:30-13:30. The trading schedule for public holidays are to be implemented according to the announcement by SGE. 

Please properly manage the investor education and the relevant preparation work on technologies and business to ensure the stable operation of the market.

Shanghai Gold Exchange
May 28th, 2019

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