Mr. SONG Yuqin, Vice President of Shanghai Gold Exchange Attends the Forum of “Tackling Long-term Global Investment Challenges” In the United States

Date: 2018-05-03

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A delegation led by Mr. SONG Yuqin, Vice President of Shanghai Gold Exchange (“SGE”) attended the Forum of “Tackling Long-term Global Investment Challenges” and “Executive Program of China Insurance Gold Investment” co-organized by the World Gold Council (“WGC”) and NYU Stern School of Business from April 23rd to 28th, 2018.

Mr. SONG delivered a keynote speech of “Achieving Multi Benefits through Communications” on the Forum, showing the opening-up progress of China’s gold market. The delegation participated in the sharing of the global macroeconomic trends by each representative from the central banks and sovereign wealth funds, especially, the possibility of gold allocation under the sovereign accounts.

Mr. Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, attended the Forum and expressed his views on the gold market and the trend of the global economy.

Over ten specialists were invited to perform a close-ended lecture to the delegation by the organizer, including former officers of the Federal Reserve, fund managers operating gold ETF, executives from WGC, foreign asset management corporations and economists. The delegation later visited the vault of the Federal Reserve, CME and NYSE.

The program provided a great opportunity to the delegation to fully understand the development pattern and recent status of the gold market in developed country like the US, especially  gold investment in the portfolio of insurance fund management, which will be an important reference for SGE to improve its policies for insurance company recruitment and its trading arrangements.

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