Mr. JIAO Jinpu, Chairman of Shanghai Gold Exchange, Led the Delegation to Australia, Chile and Argentina for International Market Promotion and Research

Date: 2019-04-02

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A delegation led by Mr. JIAO Jinpu, Chairman of Shanghai Gold Exchange (“SGE”), visited Australia, Chile and Argentina from March 19th to March 29th, 2019, for International market promotion and research. The delegation visited a number of institutions in the local precious metals markets, and had constructive meetings with their senior executives for further cooperation and mutual development in the future. 

When in Australia, the delegation jointly launched a marketing event with the Precious Metals Department of ICBC, and held talks with senior executives from Perth Mint, ANZ, ABC Refinery and ICBC Sydney Branch. The delegation introduced the latest development of SGE’s marketization and internationalization strategy and the international application of the Shanghai Gold Benchmark Price. The delegation also had thorough discussion with these institutions regarding on the continuous cooperation and further connection of the gold markets between China and Australia. 

SGE delegation met with senior executives from Perth Mint

SGE delegation visited ABC Refinery

SGE delegation then went to Chile and Argentina to visit Codelco, Brink’s Chile S.A., Bank of China (Chile), Minera Triton Argentina S.A., Brink’s Argentina S.A., Minera Santa Cruz and ICBC (Argentina), and had in-depth exchanges on issues including the political and macroeconomic environment in South America and the development of the precious metals market with their senior executives. The delegation also introduced the overall situation of China's gold market, SGE’s business and discussed key issues in the future cooperation with them. In addition, the delegation held talks with senior representatives of the South American cooperation project of Shandong Gold Group and Barrick Gold Corporation, learning the operation details of their joint venture project -- Veladero Mine. Moreover, SGE delegation also visited the local vault of Brink’s and conducted research on the vaulting, transportation and securities of its precious metals and cash business. 

SGE delegation visited Codelco

SGE delegation visited Minera Triton

SGE delegation visited Brink’s vault in Argentina

The visit was accompanied by delegates from SGE’s General Office, Investor Education and Market Promotion Department, and SGEI. 

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