Mr. WANG Zhenying, President of Shanghai Gold Exchange attends International Conference and leads Promotion of SGE’s Business in New York

Date: 2019-09-18

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September 9th to 13th 2019, a delegation led by Mr.WANG Zhenying, President of Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) attended CME Group Precious Metals Council and Precious Metals Night, and jointly promoted the cooperation projects and business of Shanghai Gold Exchange with CME. 

During the precious metals Council meeting, Mr. WANG delivered a keynote speech titled "The Internationalization of China's Gold Market through the Lens of SGE-CME Cooperation" in which he introduced the significance and prospects of cooperation between SGE and CME Group and the internationalization prospect of SGE. The cooperation between the world’s biggest physical gold and futures markets is not only an important attempt to jointly promote the integration and development of the international gold market, but also a demonstration of the desire for financial market cooperation between China and the United States against the background of the trend of anti-globalization, which is of great historical significance.

During the visit, the delegation held talks with CME group executives to discuss the progress of bilateral cooperation projects and the next step program. In addition, the delegation visited Tower Research Capital, Dominican Bank of Toronto New York Branch and Bank of China New York Branch, held talks with their senior officials on the topics of the cooperation between SGE and CME Group, the interconnection and interworking of the gold markets between the two countries and potential opportunities for cooperation. 

The visit was accompanied by delegates from SGE’s Trading Department, General Office and SGEI.

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