Together, we make golden future.

This year comes to the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

Born in October 30, 2002, with the location on the coast of the East China Sea, SGE lies on the bank of the HuangPu River in Shanghai. From 2002 to 2017, SGE has been conformed to the trend of China’s economic rising, the financial reform and opening up. Adhere to the principle of provide service to real economy and financial market development. By seizing the opportunity in the financial market while conquered the difficulties, SGE has been promoting the Chinese gold market to achieve the leapfrog development from zero to one, from childhood to grownup, and from weak to strong. During the past 15 years, SGE has joined hands with all market participants and has composed the splendid chapters in developing China's gold market. Those days we have been walking through together in 15 years were under the wise leadership of the People’s Bank of China. That 15 years should be memorized because we explored for our dreams,worked very hard together through a rough process. Nevertheless, that 15 years ought to be engraved by each of us because we have made significant efforts to prosper the SGE market, we have acted positive and encouraged each other for progress, we have made pioneering endeavor and finally have been stepping towards the glorious. Both of us have witnessed and promoted the vigorous development of China’s gold market. Together, we have laid solid foundation for the future development.

15 years business operation may just like a blazing comet across the sky compare with others that have long history. However, this time period has been a treasurable and precious memory for both SGE and China’s gold market.

Those glories that SGE accomplished during the memorable years have become the glittery milestones embedded in the development of China’s gold market. Both of us shall be honored to cherish and memorize each moment with SGE together. For the difficulties and challenges in future, we shall be always stay true to our mission and never be discouraged. Standing on the starting line of our new journey, carrying with all the achievements, prospects and a firmly progressive attitude, we are ready for the next journey of our golden future.